A patriotic Italian speaks out! 

A patriotic Italian speaks out!

The below critique was written by a good friend of mine from Rome, named Alfio Faro. Alfio is also a good friend of Ernst Zundel and therefore a friend to us all.


of a letter of protest in relation to an article published by a Catholic magazine' titled "RADICI CRISTIANE" (Christian Roots ) edited by ACIES s.r.1. Via di Torre Argentina 44, Rome
July 2005
(Article: "The Fall of Insanity")
Also translated

Rome, 21st July 2005

Preg.mo Dr. Roberto de Mattei
Direttore di "Radici Cristiane"
Via di Torre Argentina, 44
00186 Roma.

Dear Sir,

I am in possession of the periodical above mentioned, sent by you, I believe, for publicity purposes. I agree, no doubt, on certain issues, I find it rather interesting.

But... when I reached page 90, the review of the film “The Fall of Insanity", I was rather disillusioned.
Once again, a Catholic Magazine becomes accomplice of the lie. I explain myself. Dating back to sixty years up to now, the life and the creation of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, are the objective of vilification, abuses, without, of course, indicating factual charges. "The only (remaining) Myth is the one negative, as a malignant prophet, protagonist of the absolute evil.” Going on: "Here you have Hitler crazy, perverted, magician, in a word, incomprehensible monster". And then, citing Joachim Fest and the producer Hirschbiegel, the article affirms that "they have taken away the heroic mask applied by his defenders. Goes on the article saying that Magrelli rebuffs the film for "avoiding to demonize the Germans", claims the innocence of the German Volk, WHO WAS NOT AWARE.

Dear Sir - I would certainly have a wrong idea of your knowledge of culture if I were to believe that you have never read, only two of them, the greatest historian David Irving and the other, equally important, Robert Faurisson. Irving, former enemy of Germany because he is British. In his masterpiece, Hitler’s War, he depicts a portrait of Germany' s chief, by far away from the picture presented by his bitter detractors, as a man absolutely averse from bad habits (quite a difference from "perverted'! ), whose inexhaustible love for his Germany was shared by the immense majority of Germans.

Asserts Irving, that NEVER any Jew was killed on his orders. Irving’s piece of history can be found in Italy. It is a deeply felt homage rendered to the strategic genius of Hitler, an acknowledgement without reservations of his humanity. And openly states that, since the beginning of the war- and continuously throughout the whole conflict, Hitler and his main collaborators, in vain looked after an appeasement with Great Britain, and even offered a military alliance; Rudolf Hess took an airplane, supplied it with an extra fuel tank, went over Scotland, parachuted, looking for high British authorities in order to open peace talks. There were contacts, but Churchill was stubborn looking for the destruction of Germany and to this effect was seeking the intervention of United States in the war. But Roosevelt had to overcome the opposition of his public opinion, contrary to an intervention, until the Pearl Harbor trap resolved the obstacle and caused fifty million deaths and immense destructions. In 1978, if I remember correctly, Rudolf Hess was compensated for his desperate efforts to save peace by the Secret Service of Her Gracious Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II after 46 years incarceration in solitary confinement in the Spandau fortress, just to make sure that Hess would not "talk" too much. On the other hand, it seems most probable that Mussolini was assassinated by the partisans, but on request of the British secret services. Here again, just to make sure he wouldn't talk about the contacts with Churchill throughout the war, and, most of all, to seize the briefcase containing most secret documents he was carrying until his capture, which disappeared.
May I add to the above - Churchill wrote five books titled "The Second World War" - NEVER he mentions in his books anything like a nonsense named "Gas chambers"!

Well then, where is the "blond beast, wild and hallucinated, I people led to slaughter? The German Werhmacht fought most brave_ against enemies overwhelming twenty times its strength.
The "extermination camps" were, in fact workshops, many workers were receiving salaries, replacing the German youth at war on the various fronts.

The real Holocaust, Sir, and you know pretty well, was that of the elderly, mothers with children, under the rain of bombs (humanitarian) Anglo-American and Soviet, that made the German soil an immense weeping desert of Death and Devastation.
Shameful fate, awful destiny!

Yours sincerely

Alfio Faro

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